MAP-Client FAI Workshop

Version 1.2


This workshop aims to familiarise users to the MAP Client application and the development of MAP Client plugins. Examples and uses cases will focus on musculoskeletal model generation in the FAI Project.

The MAP Client is a workflow management application with a suite of plugins that provide workflow steps. This workshop will showcase plugins and workflows for musculoskeletal model generation using data from the FAI project. We will also explore the MAP Client plugin-development framework and core libraries so that participants can extend current plugins and develop their own plugins.

Over five days, the workshop will cover these key topics:

  • MAP Client overview (day 1)
  • Installing MAP Client and its plugins (day 1)
  • Building and Using 2 FAI workflows (day 1)
  • Plugin framework development (day 2)
  • Plugin/workflow Hackathon (days 3-5)

The plan is to cover the first 4 topics in the first two days, allowing participants to work on plugins and workflows of their own in the remaining 3 days.

Workshop Data

The data for this workshop, including the documentation, example workflows, and workflow data can be downloaded from the workshop Github page.