Tips and Tricks

This page lists tips and tricks noted during the workshop.


  • An output port can be connected to multiple input ports.
  • GIAS2 files can be found at C:\Users\[user]\Anaconda2\Lib\site-packages\gias2

Deleting Auto-installed Plugin

Right now, automatically installed plugins must be manually deleted. You may want to do this if you need to install a different version of a plugin.

Automatically install plugins are saved in:


For a particular plugin, you need to delete the -nspkg.path file, the .egg-info directory, and the plugin directory in the mapclientplugins directory (WARNING: not the whole mapclientplugins directory).

Installing SciPy

Scipy should be installed by conda to ensure the dependent linear algebra libraries are also installed. Pip cannot deal with this so pip install [gias2.whl] will fail to install SciPy.


  • In an virtual environment’s terminal started from the Anaconda explorer GUI, starting a mayaviscenewidget causes an exception: PySide.QtGui.QBoxLayout.addWidget called with wrong argument type QWidget, expected PySide.QtGui.QWidget.
  • The Gait2392 customisation workflow may produce an OpenSim model with a unrealistic knee angle for the right knee.
  • Conditional via points do not activate on the muscle line segment, causing the muscle path to “snap”.