Workshop Program

This program is tentative and likely to change during the workshop depending on technical difficulties and the needs of participants.

Day 1

Overview of the MAP Client, installation, and usage


  • Introductory Presentation
  • Websites and documentation
  • General Concepts (plugins/steps/workflows)
  • Demo - Run Gait2392 Customisation from FAI data workflow
  • Hands-on - Installation
  • Hands-on - Run a workflow - download workflow and data - configure workflow - run


  • FAI Model Generation Presentation
  • Segmentation preprocessing
  • Bone Mesh Generation Workflow - Hands-on - install/build/run
  • OpenSim Model Generation Workflow - Hands-on - install/build/run
  • Discussion of limitation and possible improvements

Day 2

Plugin development, core libraries, and OpenSim.


  • Plugin framework presentation
  • Dive into code of a plugin (TRCFrameSelectorStep)
  • The Plugin Wizard
  • Hands-on - write a simple plugin


  • Overview of the core libraries used by plugins
    • GIAS2
    • OpenSim Python API
  • Propose plugins/workflows to work on for rest of week
    • e.g. x3d mocap data reader

Day 3

Work on plugins/workflows

Day 4

Work on plugins/workflows

Day 5

Finish working on plugins/workflows, run and present.